Erotica: Boys Will Be Boys

1064799 - a homoual couple in the bed room

Adi was only in town for a week, visiting his sister, Jana. He was on holiday for the first time in three years and he was absolutely going to live it up. Even though Jana had to work, he insisted that they go out every night until the bars closed. They went to every gay club, bar, and café in town. By Wednesday night, Jana was exhausted.

“You’re going to have to go out without me tomorrow night,” she told Adi in their cab on the way home.

“What?” he said. “How am I supposed to get around without you?”

“I’m sure you’ll figure something out,” Jana said. “Actually, I’ll help.”

When they got home, she turned on his laptop and typed a URL address into his Web browser. “Have fun there,” she told him. “I’m going to bed.”

Adi found himself face to face with “Oh, Jana,” he said, “you are the best sister in the world.”

“I know,” she said. She kissed her brother on the top of his head. “Good night.”

He browsed the profiles of men and found one who would do events in Auckland. He found one he liked – Cameron, a young, slim gay man with black hair and blue eyes – and wrote him an email asking if he was free the next night.

He was thrilled when an email came back almost immediately saying that Cameron was, indeed, free.

They agreed to meet at Urge, which had become Adi’s favorite, at 10 the next night. This would let Adi get dinner with Jana first, then meander over to Urge and watch the place fill up with leather-clad men before Cameron appeared.

Which was exactly what he did. After a long, enjoyable dinner with Jana at Joy Bong, Adi took a nice stroll through Western Park and then went to Urge. The club was dark and not yet full, though there were a few bigger men milling around the edges. Adi ordered himself a rum and coke and sat at the bar to watch for Cameron.

Even though Adi preferred slim, younger guys, he loved watching the big, masculine, hairy fellows for some reason. Maybe because he wished he could be one of them. He’d always been on the shorter side – 170 cm, which was tall enough he supposed – and though he had plenty of chest hair and could grow a full beard, he could never fill out as much as some of the real bears. He was half Iranian and half European, with deep olive skin and dark hair. He loved being with men who had lighter complexions, just for the contrast.

Adi had been sitting for just a few moments when he looked down the bar and saw a young, slim, pale boy with dark hair and striking blue eyes. He knew it was Cameron. Just as he stood up, Cameron noticed him and smiled.

Adi approached Cameron, sizing him up. He was taller than Adi, but not by much, and his skin was perfect – there didn’t appear to be any hair anywhere on his arms. He was clean-shaven, which made him look even younger than the 22 he claimed to be. He had enormous hands for his height, punctuated by his slimness, which were clasped around a dark beverage. Although he was slim, Adi could see his biceps peeking out from his blue tee shirt.

“Hello there Adi,” Cameron said. “I guess we’re both early, aren’t we?”

Adi smiled, flashing his brilliant white teeth. “Great minds think alike,” he said. “I’d offer to buy you a drink, but it seems you’ve already got one.”

“Same here,” Cameron said. “It wouldn’t be a Jack and Coke would it?”

“Rum,” Adi said, holding up his drink. “So we’re not thinking completely alike.”

“Ought to make things more interesting,” Cameron said. Adi liked the twinkle in his eye.

They chatted more while they finished their drinks and the club started to fill up. Adi liked how completely comfortable he felt with Cameron, despite the six-year difference in their ages and their completely different lines of work.

“I’m in sales and marketing,” Adi explained, “for an Iranian oil company.”

Cameron made a face. “No wonder you came here to party, then,” he said.

“Yes,” Adi said, “it’s hard to live this lifestyle in Iran, definitely. But that’s why I live in London. I’m the European contact, you see. Tehran’s a lot more liberal than you probably think it is.”

Cameron shrugged and smiled. “Maybe you can show me around some day,” he said. “I’ve never been to London or Tehran.”

“I’d like that,” Adi said, grinning. “Care to dance?”

“Love to.”

Cameron took Adi’s hand and the two wandered out to the dance floor, which was already active and full of warm, sweating men. Adi loved the smell of all the different cologne mingling with the sweat of all these men.

Cameron was an excellent dancer, better than Adi was, and Adi wasn’t the only one who thought so. All the men on the floor near them watched Cameron dance. Soon there was a circle around him and men clapping and cheering for him. Cameron seemed to enjoy the attention. He spiced up his moves and pulled Adi out into the centre of the circle with him.

Adi could feel the envy coming off the other men as Cameron ground up against him. Adi stepped in time as best he could and watched Cameron showing off. The younger boy dropped down into a squatting position with his back to Adi, then slowly stood up, ass-first, in time with the music. His perfect ass was a round trophy right before Adi, who took a chance and gave it a slap.

The men in the circle hooted while Cameron turned around with a grin and surprised look on his face. “You naughty man!” he said. He did the same move as before, this time facing Adi, and when his face was level with Adi’s crotch, Cameron bounced just a little, teasing. Adi laughed.

Cameron pulled himself up, keeping his face close to Adi’s body, and Adi could feel his breath. When he was all the way up, Cameron pulled Adi in until their cocks were touching through their blue jeans. Adi could tell Cameron was hard, and knew Cameron felt his own hard swelling too.

“Hey,” Cameron said, leaning in so Adi could hear him over the music. “We’ve been here two hours already. Wanna’ come back to my place?”

Adi nodded. “Absolutely,” he said.

Cameron led him off the dance floor and out of the club, holding his hand the whole way. When they were out on the street, Adi pulled Cameron to him and gave him a passionate, wet kiss. The bouncer whistled.

“You two better watch out,” he said, “or you’re getting a third tonight!”

Cameron and Adi both laughed, and Cameron pulled Adi along.

Cameron’s flat was a posh, clean one-bedroom with lots of art hanging on the walls. Adi barely had time to examine it, though, because Cameron was kissing him, and that’s where Adi wanted his attention to be.

Cameron pulled Adi into the bathroom, which was painted the colour of the sky with clouds detailed on all the walls, and drew a hot bath while he pulled Adi out of his clothes.

Adi watched in the mirror while Cameron undressed behind him. Their skins were perfectly contrasted, Adi’s olive brown against Cameron’s milky white. Cameron came up behind him, kissing him on the neck and shoulders, and Adi put his hand on Cameron’s black hair while he did so. He could feel Cameron’s enormous pink cock pressing against his ass, and saw his own brown member in the mirror, standing out straight before him.

They got in the tub, still kissing, and grabbed at each other. Cameron lathered Adi up with soap and stroked both their cocks at the same time until they were both soapy and throbbing. Adi couldn’t keep his mouth off of Cameron’s, though he wanted to put it somewhere else, too.

“Let’s get into your bed,” Adi said between kisses.

Cameron rinsed them both off and grabbed towels while the tub drained. They dried each other and themselves as best they could, while stumbling to the bed, where they both fell, still kissing and groping each other.

“I want to suck you off,” Adi said, stroking Cameron’s cock.

“I want to suck you off,” Cameron said, kissing Adi’s neck.

He sat up and reached over to his bedside table, and opening a drawer, brought out two condoms.

“Strawberry or banana?” he asked, grinning.

Adi chose the strawberry, and they slipped the condoms onto each other. Then they lay on Cameron’s bed like yin and yang, their faces in each other’s crotches.

Adi took the tip of Cameron’s cock in his mouth while Cameron returned the favor. Cameron’s cock was far too big to swallow, but Adi did his best with his hands. Cameron took all of Adi in his mouth, and started sucking hard. Adi knew he was going to have a hickey on the tip of his cock in the morning, and moaned at the thought of it.

Cameron cupped Adi’s balls in one of his hands, and Adi returned the favor. Then Adi’s finger started wandering. He pressed against Cameron’s taint, still sucking on the tip of his cock while he jacked Cameron off with his other hand. Cameron moaned at this and sucked even harder on Adi’s cock. He pressed one his own fingers into Adi’s taint, still cupping Adi’s balls.

Adi slid a finger into Cameron’s ass, which brought another moan forth from Cameron. Cameron did the same to Adi. Both continued sucking while they searched for each other’s prostate gland. Soon the sensation was too much, and both men burst at the same time. Adi could feel the force of Cameron’s cum against the condom in his mouth while he roped into Cameron’s. He didn’t think he’d ever cum so hard before in his life.

Both men lay on the bed, gasping, still sideways and intertwined.

Adi finally sat up and kissed Cameron, tasting strawberry-banana and smelling their sweat. They cuddled for a bit, talking about what they both had to do for the rest of the week. After a bit, Adi got dressed and kissed Cameron goodbye, promising to keep in touch.

When he got home, Jana was still awake, watching TV.

“You’re home a bit early,” Jana said. “It’s not even 2am! Did you have fun?”

Adi kissed his sister on the top of the head. “I did,” he said. “And you’re the best sister ever.”


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