Erotica: Command and Obey

portrait of woman with whip around neck

Mary had a terrible day at work. Again. Tuesdays were turning into the worst days of the week pretty regularly. Tuesdays were the days that the CEO of her company was in the office, checking on Mary and the rest of the girls. Mary thought of the CEO as a real dominatrix, and not just because of her strict black suiting and sharp high heels. Overall it was the CEO’s attitude that left Mary trembling and wet and unable to answer any of the CEO’s work-related questions. Mary wanted the CEO to punish her, to order her around, and to pull her hair back and kiss her hard. But the closest Mary got was the CEO scolding her about the office’s recent sales figures.

And this was what made Mary’s Tuesdays so terrible. She was more frustrated by her strange cravings than by her work performance. She usually dated men, and had great sex in the past. But this CEO had Mary wanting something new, something she didn’t know how to get, and she thought it was going to drive her mad.

So Mary did something completely new: she visited and searched for someone she liked. She scanned the photos until she found Mistress Donna, who looked like she imagined the CEO would look on weekends. She clicked on Mistress Donna’s profile. “S&M, Light Bondage, and Fetishism are a few of my favorite subjects,”

Mistress Donna’s profile said. Mary smiled to herself.

After a few emails and a phone call, the two women agreed to meet at a bar by the University. Mary got there early, and ordered a gin and tonic while she waited. She watched the door nervously, waiting for the woman who could fulfill her desperate fantasy.

Just on time, she walked in. Mistress Donna looked just like Mary had seen in the pictures online. Her high-heeled black boots laced up to her knees and a corset-like top laced over her rather large breasts. Her trousers were short and made of red leather and Mary wondered what kind of undergarments could possibly fit under them. Her lipstick was as red as her shorts, and shining in the low light. Her black, straight hair was cut straight across her forehead, over heavily-lined black eyes. She had a tattoo circling one of her pale thighs, like a garter, only it was a red dragon chasing its tail. Mary wanted this woman to order her around and be her dominatrix that night.

Mary pushed her wavy blonde hair behind her ears and took a drink from the sweating glass. She wasn’t sure whether or not to approach Mistress Donna. She was laughing with the bartender and Mary was suddenly struck with a pang of jealousy – could the bartender be Mistress Donna’s girlfriend? Then Mary saw the bartender hand Mistress Donna a drink and money changed hands, and Mary calmed down. The leather-clad woman started scanning the room. She caught Mary looking at her and Mary felt the colour rising to her cheeks and lips. Mistress Donna smiled and stood up, and strode over to Mary on her long legs.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hello,” Mary said back. Mary felt completely panicked as Mistress Donna dragged a stool closer to her and sat down. Their thighs were touching, and Mary thought she could feel Mistress Donna’s milky skin touch her own through her thin trousers.

“I hate to be a cliché, but do you come here often?” Mistress Donna asked. She put a hand on the bar and Mary saw her long, red finger nails. She wanted to run them down her back.

Mary drank some of her gin and tonic to try and settle the butterflies that were raging in her stomach. “No, actually,”

Mary said. “This is my first time.”

Mistress Donna nodded and looked around. “I used to come here a bit more often myself,” she said, taking a swig from her own pint. “It’s a good place to start something new.” Mary nodded as best she could. “Something very…” And here she leaned in to Mary and breathed on her neck. “Specific.”

Mary felt shivers wrack her entire body. Mary wanted Mistress Donna to pin her against the bar right there and ravage her. She wanted to rip off the leather shorts and run her hands along Mistress Donna’s clit. She wanted Mistress Donna to lay her out on the bar and pleasure her in ways Mary couldn’t even fathom. Those fingernails, the red lipstick, the straight black hair – it was almost too much. Mary nodded again and closed her eyes, licking her lips.

“Are you looking for something specific?” she asked, a whisper in Mary’s ear. She put her hand on the small of Mary’s back, and Mary felt the warmth radiate down into her butt and thighs. The tingling reached her nipples and she knew they were standing straight up under her thin white cotton shirt. Again Mary nodded, eyes still closed.

“Something like me?” Mistress Donna whispered.

Mary opened her eyes and looked straight into Mistress Donna’s. With all the courage she could find she said, “Yes.”

“Say please,” Mistress Donna said, a pout on her cherry lips, pulling her hand away from Mary’s back.

“Please,” Mary whispered. She would have begged just to have the hand returned to her back.

Mistress Donna leaned in even closer, so close Mary could smell the leather scent off her shorts mixed with a rosy perfume, and could feel Mistress Donna’s thick hair falling on both their shoulders, and whispered, “It will cost you, though. And not just money.”

And Mary knew, but she didn’t care. She was desperate now, more than she’d ever been watching the CEO. “I’ll do whatever you ask,” Mary confessed as quietly as she could.

“Then come with me,” Mistress Donna said.

She led Mary out a back door to the pub, into a dark alley. The sense of danger heightened Mary’s arousal. Her legs were quaking, although she hadn’t yet had an orgasm. She had never felt this ready before, ready to do anything. Mary’s entire body was begging to touch this woman, and to be touched, no matter where.

“Are you sure this is all right?” Mary asked. Her voice quivered with fear and anticipation.

“It’s not up to you to ask me questions,” Mistress Donna commanded. “Sit on that carton over there.” She pointed to a clean-looking cardboard box, and Mary obeyed.

Mary watched Mistress Donna from the short yet painful meter between them, her wet pussy throbbing in her trousers. Mistress Donna stood in front of her and drew the zipper of her shorts slowly down.

“Tell me that you want this,” she said, her eyes deadlocked on Mary’s.

“I want this,” Mary said, looking down. She couldn’t keep her eyes on Mistress Donna’s without bursting, she thought.

“Tell me that you want to lick my pussy,” Mistress Donna said.

Mary licked her lips and looked up. She ran her eyes over Mistress Donna’s smooth body, from her shins to her waist to her breasts to her eyes. “I want to lick your pussy.” Mary looked back down. She pressed herself against the carton she was seated on, her own pussy begging to be touched.

When she looked up again, Mistress Donna’s shorts were completely unzipped and she was stepping out of them. Mary couldn’t believe her eyes – Mistress Donna was wearing no underwear at all, and her lips were completely bare and shaved. She sauntered up to Mary, slowly, with the leather trousers in her hand, still in her boots. Mary was breathing heavily. Mistress Donna seemed amused by this. She put the trousers in Mary’s lap and kissed her on the cheek. Mary felt the kiss down into her core, and her pussy throbbed.

“Good girl,” Mistress Donna whispered, blowing warmth onto Mary’s neck and in her ear. Mary shivered.

Mistress Donna now stood straight in front of Mary, her nose just two centimeters from Mistress Donna’s clitoris, and let Mary smell her scent for a moment. It was a hot smell, a little sweet and full of musk. Mary felt her mouth start to water.

“Lick me,” Mistress Donna commanded.

Mary looked up at Mistress Donna’s eyes and noted their fierceness. Then Mary leaned forward and ran her tongue from the back of Mistress Donna’s slit up to her clitoris. At this Mistress Donna grabbed Mary’s head and pulled Mary into her, moaning. “Harder,” she commanded, “and faster.”

Mary obeyed. She sucked on Mistress Donna’s clitoris and ran her tongue inside her vagina, tasting her juices. She put the flat of her tongue against Mistress Donna’s clit for a moment, then ran the tip across it quickly, just as Mary would have wanted for herself. Mary found she wanted this more than anything, licking this woman’s clit, obeying her and doing as she commanded. She almost reached into her own trousers to tickle her begging clitoris, but she didn’t dare. Instead, Mary kept her tongue at work, licking and sucking, until suddenly she felt Mistress Donna shake and quiver, and a great moan came from her throat. She’d cum in Mary’s mouth, wet and gaping.

She stood, Mary’s head still level with her clit, and Mary watched her come down from her orgasm, panting and glistening.

“You’re going to be a good student,” she said finally, her eyes meeting Mary’s. Mary nodded again, not sure what to do next.

“So can I get you a drink?” Mary offered. She could still taste Mistress Donna’s cum on her tongue. She wasn’t ready for this to be over.

“Don’t worry, honey,” Mistress Donna said, slipping her trousers back on. “We’re not done yet. And I mean, we’re not done until you’re done. So.” She zipped her trousers and put a finger to Mary’s lips. “Your place or mine?”


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