Erotica: Coupled Off

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Everywhere Miguel went, he saw couples. At the University where he worked, the woman in the office next to him had just become engaged to be married. At the ballet studio on his way to work there were ads for “Couples’ Tango!” and “Swing Dancing for Two”. On his evening jog in the Botanic Gardens he saw old couples holding hands while they walked. While he was volunteering at the YWCA, he was becoming friends with a couple of lesbians who volunteered together and finished each other’s sentences. When he went out to dinner alone, everyone else was sitting in pairs. “Table for two?” the hostess would ask him, and he would hold up a solitary finger and shake his head.

It wasn’t that Miguel didn’t want to be part of a couple. He would have liked a girlfriend to come home to, to make dinner for, to watch movies with, to take out dancing. But he simply didn’t have the time. A full-time job at the University, plus his volunteer hours at the YWCA, added to his busy get-in-shape regime (New Year’s resolution!), and his adult education classes in computer programming meant that Miguel was left very little time to meet women, or men for that matter. He liked the company of both and would have enjoyed regular sex with either, or perhaps a couple. He’d dated a couple in the past, a man and a woman, before he’d been so busy, but that was long ago. Sometimes he wondered if a couple would just take him on as their own, let him reap the benefits of the group, and then let him get on with his busy schedule.

It occurred to him one slow Friday night at home that this was a very real possibility. True, he couldn’t ask the couples he knew if he could impose on them for some romantic time, but surely there were places to find couples who were interesting in catering to his needs?

So Miguel went on a search for the right couple to take him in. His search led him to, where he found Debbie and Larry, a nice married couple that did work together. Their rates were reasonable – much less than an investment in dating, Miguel knew. He called them up that night and booked some time with them at their place.

They had a large flat right by the Arts Centre, which was very close to his place, too. He walked over and they buzzed him in. He felt as if they were longtime friends, and they settled very easily into chatting.

“Would you like some wine?” Debbie asked. She stood in the kitchen while Larry and Miguel sat in the living room on the soft couches.

“Yes, please,” Miguel said.

“Larry?” Debbie said, reaching up to the top shelf to get the wine glasses.

“Certainly,” Larry answered. He and Miguel both watched Debbie as she stood on her tip toes, barefoot, her black lace nightie rising ever higher on her perfectly round bottom. Her long brown hair reached down her back, and Miguel liked how it reached just to the edge of the nightie’s low back, tickling her smooth brown shoulders.

She was too short to reach the wine glasses, and Larry stood up to help her. He stood behind her, and reached over her easily, his large hands easily handling the three wine glasses. He had dark hair, too, though his skin was much lighter than Debbie’s. His square jaw and shoulders were an excellent contrast against her petite, curvy frame.

“Thank you,” Debbie said, smiling a perfect smile. She started pouring the wine as Larry kissed her shoulders and neck.

She leaned back and closed her eyes while he kissed her, enjoying it. He picked up a glass of wine and took a sip. “Oh, don’t stop,” she said.

“Maybe Miguel is a good kisser, too,” Larry said, nodding at Miguel, who was still on the couch.

“I am, actually,” Miguel said. Debbie took a glass of wine over to him and sat next to him.

“Well, let’s have a go then,” she said, taking a sip of her own wine. She put her wine down on the side table and let Miguel taste it, then leaned in for a kiss. Miguel still tasted the deep red flavor on his tongue as he pressed his own lips against Debbie’s soft ones.

Her tongue teased the underside of his top teeth, and he sucked gently on the tip, pulling her closer into him. He had always loved kissing, especially with someone who knew what she was doing, which Debbie certainly did. He felt his cock hardening under his jeans.

Debbie noticed it, too, and started unbuttoning his trousers as he moved his lips down to her neck and shoulders. She pulled his cock out and massaged it gently. Miguel couldn’t help but grind against her soft hands. He tried to suppress a moan, but it slipped out.

“Someone’s in need,” Debbie said, giggling slightly. Miguel nodded, unable to speak.

Larry stood over the couch, watching them, a twinkle in his eye. Miguel cupped one of Debbie’s supple breasts in his hand, and worked his fingers under the lace to feel her soft skin. He kissed it, taking the nipple into his mouth and biting it gently with his teeth. Debbie moaned now, and started stroking his cock, which was getting harder by the second.

Larry took off his shirt and pants and stood in his shorts, an obvious bulge forming. He disappeared into the bedroom for a moment, then returned with a black shoebox and put it on the table next to Miguel’s wine. While Miguel put a second hand Debbie’s other breast and pulled the top of her nightgown down, hungry for her, Larry pulled out a condom and some lube. He started stroking his own cock, too.

Debbie pulled off Miguel’s shirt, then helped him strip off his jeans and underwear. She took one of the condoms from Larry and opened it. She applied a dab of lube to the inside, then rolled it down over Miguel’s hot, throbbing cock. Just feeling the condom slip over the head of his penis made him feel like he was going to cum.

Debbie bent over her husband’s lap and took his cock in her hands. She looked back over her shoulder at Miguel, who was on his knees on the couch behind her.

“Stick it in my ass,” she said softly, her deep brown eyes heavily lidded and her cheeks flushed. Larry handed Miguel the lube.

Debbie took Larry’s cock in her mouth, and Miguel could hear the sucking while he applied the lube to his own cock liberally. He saw Larry had a hand between Debbie’s thighs, working at her clit and fingering her pussy while she sucked him off. Miguel held the head of his cock against Debbie’s ass, waiting for the head to slip in.

Debbie let out a sigh as she relaxed enough to allow Miguel in, while Larry moaned as she sucked him faster and harder. Miguel moaned at the same time, feeling the extreme tightness of Debbie’s bum.

He thought he would explode as she started to slide up and down on his cock, slowly, the tightness running the entire length of his cock. He felt her pulsing as she clenched her vagina on Larry’s huge finger inside of her. Her round cheeks bounced against his pelvis, as she took him in entirely.

Suddenly she came and both men gasped as she grabbed onto them. Miguel grabbed Debbie’s hips to keep from being thrown out of her. She clasped against his cock hard over and over again, contracting and releasing. Her orgasm seemed to last forever.

Miguel couldn’t hold it anymore, and burst into her depths. Throwing his head back, he let out a moan as his release came and shook his whole body.

Larry came at the same time, and Miguel watched him rope over his wife’s face, white cum on her cheeks and lips.

They sat for a moment, gasping to catch their breath. Larry handed Debbie a tissue for face, and after she’d wiped it off, Miguel handed her the glass of wine from the table.

She sat up and took a sip, smiling.

“My goodness, boys,” she said. “Whew.”

“Yeah,” Miguel said, “exactly.”


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