Erotica: The First Time

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Neil was 16 before he hit his growth spurt. He had always been short, skinny, and dark, and suddenly he was tall. He didn’t mind that he was still skinny and dark. He didn’t even mind that he was still bad at cricket and football. But he did mind that he still thought incessantly about girls. He’d started lusting after them at 14 years old, and at 16, it felt unbearable.

Neil watched the girls at his school with the eye of a complete pervert. He didn’t mean to, but he couldn’t help himself. Their new breasts, new asses, perfect thighs, their hair, their perfume, everything made his mouth water. He had embarrassing erections during class. Nobody seemed to notice. Sometimes he wished they would, just so he could say something.

Worse, girls made him completely nervous. He couldn’t get a word out of his mouth when one was nearby. He couldn’t even make eye contact with them, even in non-sexual situations. Having to partner off in science class with a girl made it impossible for him to finish laboratory projects.

He knew he had to do something about this. He couldn’t continue being the tall, skinny, creepy kid who had to masturbate in the bathroom between classes. Neil decided to lose his virginity by Christmas, no matter what it took.

Neil worked after school at Berkeley Cinema in the mall, tearing tickets. His hard-ons were as problematic there as anywhere else. He worked with plenty of girls, and lots of gorgeous women came in to watch movies, usually with their boyfriends.

One Thursday night, he saw a particularly gorgeous woman walk in with an ugly, fat man. She was leggy and tan, with perfect brown hair and green eyes. She wore expensive jewelry and heels that made her thighs ripple through her tight dress. Her breasts were enormous, in Neil’s opinion. He tore her ticket without saying a word. He masturbated to the thought of her for the rest of the week.

He was surprised the next Thursday night when the same woman walked into the cinema with a different ugly man. He couldn’t understand why such a beautiful woman would let ugly men take her to the movies. It occurred to him that it was possible she was an escort. He realised this was the solution to his problem.

He did a bit of internet research that night, and found All the women looked delicious to him, but he was looking for the woman he’d seen at the cinema. After half an hour of scrolling through photos, he found her – Marissa. She was an escort in his neighbourhood. He was surprised to find that he could afford her rates, especially if he started saving up. He didn’t know what an “incall” was versus an “outcall”. He looked it up.

“Oh,” he muttered. “A hotel? No, I couldn’t afford that.”

He decided an incall would be ideal.

He wrote her an email to see if he could “reserve” her for 29 December, then went to bed to dream about her.

Two months later, Neil was ready to meet Marissa at her house, which was cross town. Neil had to take a bus, which he hated, but the anticipation heightened his senses. The air was hot in Auckland, and he was worried he would sweat through his trousers.

He found the address easily. Marissa lived in a large house near a lush green park. The house had a large garden in front as well, and a white picket fence. It was all very nice, Neil thought, as he rang the bell.

Marissa answered the door. She’d told him that she had two housemates who were in the same line of work. Neil had imagined that they would all meet him at the door in sexy lingerie, drinking martinis. Sadly (for him), only Marissa greeted him. She wasn’t wearing sexy lingerie, either, although what she was wearing was sexy in a different way. A white summery dress with thin straps hung to her knees, and she was barefoot. This set Neil at ease a bit more.

“Hello, Neil,” Marissa said. “It’s good to meet you. Won’t you come in?” Neil obliged, tongue-tied. “You’re right on time,” Marissa noted, leading the boy through the front hall.

Neil nodded, still a bit nervous. He heard Marissa’s bare feet on the cool blue tiles of the hall and watched her calves just beneath her dress. He put his hands in his pocket and felt his wad of cash one more time.

“So this is my place,” Marissa said, turning to face him. They were in a large bedroom with red walls that smelled of vanilla and musk. A bed covered in pillows with a satin bedspread dominated the room. Thick curtains hung over the windows. There were candles lit on a black table next to the bed, and mirrors in different shapes hung on all the walls. The bed was hidden by a sheer pink curtain that extended from the ceiling. A dark carpet felt soft, even through Neil’s shoes.

Neil entered and Marissa shut the door behind them.

“We have an hour,” Neil said, lamely.

“Yes,” Marissa answered. “We can do whatever you want. But I think maybe you want me to lead things, right?”

He nodded. They’d gone over this in an email and over the phone. He knew all the rules. She knew his reasons and what he wanted to some extent. He swallowed loudly, excited and nervous.

Marissa laughed sweetly and took his hand. “First we have to shower,” she said, leading him by the hand into a connecting washroom.

The shower was very modern, all glass, and the rest of the washroom was white and pristine. Plush towels hung from bars.

Marissa turned on the water, testing it for a moment with her hand, and slipped her dress over her head. Her body was tan from head to toe, with no lines anywhere. Her breasts were perfect and round, with hard brown nipples tipping them. She had a thin line of hair over her vagina – “a landing strip”, Neil had heard it called. She tied her hair back with a brown clip and walked to face Neil.

“You can touch me,” she whispered, raising his right hand to her breast. He felt his penis jolt to attention. She kissed him and he felt like he would blow his load right there.

“Let’s get you out of your clothes,” she said, smiling. She pulled his shirt over his head, and unzipped his cargo shorts. He’d worn clean underwear, new from Christmas, but realised it didn’t really matter. She undressed him completely, kissing his chest and hips and thighs. His cock stuck out straight in front of him.

Marissa led him into the shower, which was hot and steaming. She scrubbed him with a soft sea sponge and a vanilla-scented bath gel. She rubbed the foam over herself, between her legs, over her breasts. Then she rubbed herself against him. Her full tits ran over his chest, water running between them. Neil felt her mound touch his cock.

She reached down with one hand and grabbed his cock firmly, slowly moving the palm of her hand back and forth.

She kissed him, almost having to stand on her toes to reach her lips to his.

Suddenly Neil couldn’t help himself. He burst into her palm, gushing a steady white stream that seemed like it would never end. He was embarrassed and could feel his cheeks turn red. He hadn’t even been there ten minutes and he was already done.

“Oh my God,” Neil said. “I’m so sorry, I … I’m not sure what… I mean…”

But Marissa just smiled and kissed him again, her hand still on his cock.

“We’ve still got a while to go,” she said. “And you’re young. I think this isn’t the end.”

She rinsed the cum off her hand in the shower and made sure they were both completely clean. Then she turned off the water and retrieved two towels for both of them. She dried him completely, starting with his hair, running the soft towel down his back and between his legs. His penis was still half hard, and Neil wondered if she noticed.

After they were both dry, Marissa took him by the hand and led him into the warm bedroom once more, closing the door to the bathroom behind her.

She led him to the bed and turned down the red satin sheets. “Here we are,” she said, urging him gently to lie on his back. She straddled on top of him, and reached over into a black velvet box on the side table. She pulled out a condom and he watched her open it in the dim light. She turned away from him so he couldn’t see, then loosed her hair and shook it out.

Slowly she leaned down against him, her breasts touching his chest again. He loved how they felt and how they smelled. He felt dizzy and a bit tired, but realised that his cock was perking up again. Her hand was on his member once more, slowly rubbing it back and forth. He closed his eyes and tried not to cum again so soon.

Suddenly her mouth was on him, and he could feel her tongue against his shaft. He gasped and looked up at her. She had put the condom on his cock using her mouth and he hadn’t even noticed. She smiled at him over his hips as she lowered her head and took him in her mouth once more. The sensation was amazing, just like everything he’d ever thought a blow job should be.

“Just enjoy it,” Marissa advised him. “You can watch if you want. Don’t worry about cumming too soon. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right when you cum. It’s actually really nice.”

Neil swallowed loudly again and nodded, as she surrounded the head of his cock with her lips once more. He couldn’t watch, it was too much. She seemed to swallow him entirely, and her tongue felt like a deft sea creature against his tip.

After a few more moments (or an eternity of bliss, to Neil), Marissa rose from her position at his hip and straddled him once more. She held herself above him, his cock in her hand, just below her hot pussy. Neil thought he could feel steam issuing from it onto his cock.

“Do you mind if I’m on top?” Marissa asked.

“No, not at all,” Neil said. “Please.”

Then he felt her take him in, slowly, his head pushing hard against the entrance to her snatch. She pushed further and it was as if a world opened onto his cock. It felt like wet satin inside of her, tight and pulsing, soft and smooth. He felt his eyes roll into the back of his head.

“You made me really wet,” she said as she started to thrust her pelvis back and forth on him. “I love when a guy cums. It really turns me on.”

Neil nodded, enjoying her wetness and the scent of woman and sweat that he noticed. She started to thrust faster and harder. He felt her tightness run the length of his entire cock, and she started to moan with each thrust. He started to moan, too, short grunts whenever the lips of her vulva were flushed with the very bottom of his cock.

She reached back with one hand and held his balls in her hand, gently. At the same time, she leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth, still thrusting. He felt her moan in his mouth, and once again he couldn’t hold himself back.

He tried to count the number of times he roped – four, five, six – as she squeezed her pussy around his cock. He felt like he could cum forever.

Once his cock stopped convulsing, she lay on his chest, her breasts once again on his chest, both of them breathing hard. She kissed his collarbone.

“Congratulations, Neil,” she said, still smiling. His cock was still inside her. “You’re no longer a virgin.”

He smiled back at her.


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