Erotica: Learning to Wait

tantric massage

After a brief period dating an Indian woman, Jonathan had become intrigued by tantric sex practices. It had started out as a sort of kinky joke, but now he was quite seriously interested in learning how to control his orgasms and ejaculation.

He decided the best way to learn tantric sexuality was to practice it. But where to start?

One evening Jonathan visited a sex shop, looking for manuals or books on tantric sexuality. He found nothing new, and was extremely disappointed. But as he left he noticed a flyer on a table by the door, advertising a website, He picked up the flyer and read it as he walked home.

When he got home, he opened his laptop and found the site. He was pleased to find that “Tantric Massage” was an option for searching. Soon he had discovered Lina, who was a master of tantric massage in a parlour in Auckland City. He sent her an email to book an hour with her.

The following day, Jonathan turned down lunch offers from his coworkers and made his way to Lina’s massage parlour on Pitt Street. The parlour itself was a large home, and had no sign on the outside that it was a massage parlour except for the address. He parked in back and went in the front door. She was waiting for him in the reception area.

They greeted each other warmly, as if they’d known each other for years. Lina was gorgeous, with dark skin and thick brown hair with just a hint of red in it. She had large, almond-shaped green eyes and a perfect white smile. Her body was firm and toned under her simple lingerie.

Lina led Jonathan to a private room and asked if he would like anything to drink.

“I’d recommend tea,” she offered, reaching into the in-room shower and turning on the water. “Tantric massage and green tea go very well together.”

Jonathan accepted, and Lina left for a moment, instructing him to undress and shower while she fixed his drink. Jonathan took off his clothes and entered the shower. The steam opened his pores and made it easier to breathe. He lathered up and rinsed, then turned off the water and dried himself completely. Having done his research, he lay face-up on the soft massage table.

Lina returned with the tea, and Jonathan took a quick sip before placing it on a nearby table.

“So you’ve read a lot about tantric massage,” Lina said, opening a cupboard and bringing out another pillow and a few more towels.

“Yes,” Jonathan said, “very much. I’m very excited to try it out.”

Lina nodded, a smile on her lips. “Excellent,” she said. “I’m excited to provide your first experience.” She lifted his hips and placed the second pillow, wrapped in a soft towel, beneath his buttocks. She pushed his knees apart and told him to bend them slightly. He felt a bit exposed, but was enjoying the sensation of being laid open.

“Remember to breathe,” Lina said, and began to rub his feet, his calves, his thighs, and his abdomen. Jonathan took deep breaths, letting them out slowly, as Lina rubbed his pecs and nipples.

Then Lina produced a bottle of oil and poured it over Jonathan’s cock and balls. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of the warmth running over his most sensitive areas.

She took his balls gently in her soft hands and massaged them. Jonathan breathed through the slight shock of being touched there, and tried to focus on relaxing. Lina’s hands were adept and gentle, and he realized he had nothing to fear. She gently pushed into the area between his balls and anus.

“In tantric massage, the word for penis is ‘lingam‘,” Lina explained as she took hold of his cock. She rubbed the massage oil up the hard shaft and he breathed in with pleasure.

She stroked his cock from base to tip, putting pressure on the base and pulling upward gently. She switched between her right hand and her left, continuously pulling up slowly. Jonathan moaned.

“Keep breathing and relax,” Lina said.

Jonathan nodded, watching her hands slip up his shaft. She reversed directions, pushing the pressure from the tip of his cock to the base. Again she alternated hands, and Jonathan shuddered, trying not to cum.

After a few moments of this, Lina started to twist her hands as she stroked him. Jonathan thought this would drive him over the edge. He felt his buttocks tense up, ready to cum.

Lina stopped touching him and told him to breathe again. “Ride it like a wave,” she told him. Jonathan took a deep breath and let it out as slowly as possible and felt the urge to orgasm dissipate.

Lina took his cock in her hand again and kept twisting and stroking, gently yet firmly, and Jonathan felt his cock get harder again.

After a few more minutes massaging his cock this way, Lina pressed gently on his taint once more, this time in a specific spot that made Jonathan flinch.

“Whoa,” he said.

“It’s okay,” Lina said, “this is called the Sacred Spot. It’s extremely sensitive, obviously. Breathe, breathe, breathe.”

Jonathan closed his eyes and breathed as steadily as he could. “What is it exactly?” he asked. “My prostate?”

“Mmmhmm,” Lina said. “If you continually work on softening this spot, you can learn to control your orgasms and ejaculations,” she explained.

She continued to push on the Sacred Spot as she stroked his shaft once more.

The strokes became faster and a bit harder, the massage oil making Lina’s hands slide on his cock as she continued to press his Sacred Spot. Jonathan started to breathe faster and felt his heart pounding.

“Oh, God,” he moaned, “I’m going to cum.”

Lina pressed his Sacred Spot firmly as he spouted white jizz. It flooded over both her hands in a white stream, contrasted against her dark skin. She continued to press the Sacred Spot and he kept roping, shooting like he’d never cum before.

He breathed hard, coming down from the hardest orgasm he’d ever had.

“That was really good for a first time,” Lina said. “Many men don’t make it past the first part of the massage.”

Jonathan laid back, completely relaxed. “I can’t wait to get even better at this,” he said. Lina smiled.

“I’ll be glad to help,” she said.


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