Erotica: Relaxation Techniques

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Mark had a real kink in his neck after two straight weeks logging 65 hours in front of the computer. His partner Lee noticed one morning while they were getting their coffee at the stand outside their office building.

“You seem really tense,” Lee said.

“I feel really tense,” Mark said. “I can’t wait for this project to be over,” Mark said.

“Too bad we’ve got three weeks left,” Lee agreed.

Mark shook his head. “I don’t know how I’m going to make it.” He started rubbing his temples and the back of his neck. “How do you stay so calm, Lee?”

Lee shrugged. “Well, it could just be that I just have a better attitude.”

“Oh, come on,” Mark said. “This project has you freaking out, too.”

“Okay, yeah, it does,” Lee said.

“So what’s your secret?”

Lee smiled. “Sensual massage.”

He told Mark all about how his masseuse came to his apartment once a week, and how she allowed him to relax completely. As they stirred their coffee, he told Mark about her “special techniques”.

“Wow,” Mark said, “that sounds like exactly what I need. How did you find her?”

“On a Website,” Lee said. “There’s a great one,, where you can find one you like and contact her.”

“I think I could really use it,” Mark said.

That was how Mark found Anya. He contacted her and they agreed that she would come over to his apartment the following Sunday night to help him relax.

Strangely, he didn’t feel nervous about their meeting. When he buzzed Anya in, he felt completely comfortable with her. He offered her some of the wine he was already enjoying and they discussed what he liked and what her sensual massage would entail.

“You let me know what you want,” Anya said. “If you don’t want something, just say so. This is all about you.” She was petite, with long wavy brown hair and soft brown skin. She wore a thin yellow tank-top shirt with no bra, and the nipples on her small perky breasts stood at attention. Her patterned skirt was summery and feminine, although it wasn’t nearly as transparent as her shirt.

“Okay,” Mark agreed, “I feel perfectly comfortable, so I’ll just trust you.”

He undressed and showered while Anya lit some candles in the bedroom. When he walked into the room in his towel, there was a sweet flowery scent hovering on the air, and his room was completely transformed. Mark lay on his bed, face down, and Anya straddled his back.

“I’m going to start with this candle,” she said. He could feel the warmth of her crotch on the lower parts of his back.

“It melts into a massage oil.”

He tensed up a little at the thought of how hot the oil would be, but when it hit his back he was immediately set at ease. The warmth was just the right temperature, and the smell of lavender overtook him. Anya started rubbing the oil into his shoulders.

“Let me know if I’m rubbing too hard or too deep,” she said.

He grunted a little. “No, it’s perfect.”

Her small, adept hands ran up his spine and into his shoulder blades. As she rubbed his neck, she leaned over and said in his ear, “You have really nice shoulders.”

“Thanks,” he said, smiling. “I try.”

“Is it alright if I take off my shirt?” she asked.

“Of course,” Mark replied. He felt Anya sit up a little and heard her pull the tank top over her head. There was another brief pause, and then he felt her bare breasts against his back, rubbing more oil into his muscles.

“Is this alright?” Anya asked.

“Yes,” Mark said. He could feel his cock hardening against his sheets.

“I really like how this oil feels on my nipples,” Anya breathed.

He could feel her heart thumping as she ran her breasts over his back. She pulled the towel down and ran her hard nipples over his ass, too.

“Let me know if this isn’t okay,” she said.

Mark closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her smooth skin against his. She rubbed her breasts down the length of his legs, then poured more oil on his calves and feet. She rubbed them with her hands, and then sucked on one of his toes.

He couldn’t help it; he moaned a little bit as he felt her wet mouth take each of his toes in, one by one. His cock was completely hard by now, and it almost hurt as it strained against the towel.

As if she knew what he was thinking, Anya sat up and pulled the towel away from him completely. She poured oil between his ass cheeks and between his thighs. The warmth and wetness of it drove him crazy.

She started rubbing the oil in, kneading his ass.

“Is it alright if I take off my skirt?” she asked.

“Yes,” Mark said.

Anya got off the bed and stood before him. She slid her skirt off her sharp hips and he watched it fall to the ground with her panties. She had a little dark bush of hair, neatly cropped close to the skin, and he could see her clit peeking out when she walked back towards him. She mounted his back again, pouring more oil onto his ass, and rubbed it gently down to his balls for just a moment.

Mark’s cock was throbbing when she finally turned him over. She propped herself against him, her slit just pressing against his penis, and poured more oil onto his shoulders and collarbone.

Again he moaned. It was almost torture when she lay herself flat against him and once again ran her small, perky breasts against him, this time on his chest. Soon her breasts were against his cock, and she squeezed him into her cleavage.

He strained to look at what she was doing, but it felt best to keep his head back on the pillow and just enjoy it. She rubbed her tits back and forth, holding them tightly together with his cock between them. The oil was still warm and it smelled great.

After a moment she did exactly what he wanted, without having to say anything. She lowered her head to his cock and kissed it, very softly, right on the head. She licked the bead of wet pre-cum off the tip, then ran her tongue over the ridge and down, almost to the base, her mouth still open. Again he tried to watch her, but the sensation was better when he kept his head down.

She took him entirely in her mouth, her lips taut and her throat sucking at him. She continued massaging his thighs while she did this, and gently cupped his balls in her hands. Her tongue ran the length of his shaft, and pressed against the most sensitive part at exactly the right moment. With one of her fingers, she pressed on his taint, then put the pad of it against his asshole, still sucking at his cock. He pushed against her to let her know it was alright. Slowly her tiny finger pushed inside of him, and the sensation sent him over the edge.

He came in a burst of heat, his entire body tensing and straining as he roped into her mouth several times. When he was done, she sat over him, a look of triumph on her face.

“Feel relaxed?” she asked, smiling.

“Completely,” he said.


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