Erotica: Three’s Company

Sexy women playing on naked man abs, bigamy

Tim and Sarah had been married for three years when their sex life got a little routine. They were still both climaxing, but it seemed like it was the same climax every time.

They had started out as a couple that was comfortable with toys, so adding in more toys didn’t seem like a good option. In fact, Sarah’s vibrator was part of the boring routine.

One night over dinner, Sarah came up with an idea.

“What about a threesome?” she asked.

Tim almost couldn’t believe his ears. Sarah was really open in the bedroom, but she was very private about sex, and he knew she was strictly monogamous and expected him to be the same.

“Seriously?” he asked.

“Sure,” Sarah replied with a shrug. “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“Of course I have,” Tim said. “I’m a guy.”

Sarah picked a piece of chicken off her plate with her fingers and put it in her mouth. “That’s what I thought,” she said. She winked at him. “Consider it my gift for our upcoming three-year anniversary.”

“Wow,” Tim said. “Well, if you’re sure…”

“I am,” Sarah said, “as long as I get to pick her.”

After dinner, they looked up a few girls who were willing to do couples on Tim tried not to say too much. He trusted Sarah’s judgment, and he didn’t want to ruin his luck by saying something stupid. To his delight, Sarah picked a girl who looked almost just like she did: tall, curvy, straight blonde hair and a huge smile. Sarah promised to take care of the details and shooed him away.

That Friday night, Tim came home from work to a dark house. There was one light on above the dining room table. The only thing on the table was a note: “Tim – We’re in the tub!! –S”

Tim felt his pulse speed up a bit. He opened the fridge behind him and found the champagne he and Sarah had been saving for a special occasion. This seemed like the perfect occasion to him.

Their bathroom had always been the pride of their house. They had an enormous oval-shaped Jacuzzi tub up against one wall, with tiled steps leading up to it. You could sit on the side of the tub and soak your feet, and even lie down completely while you did so. Usually Sarah lined the tub with candles and sex toys, and Tim felt his cock getting hard at the memories of their times there. The tub could probably hold four or five people, although Sarah and Tim had never tried.

He followed the dark hallway to the bathroom door. It was closed, but there was light coming from the crack at the bottom. He heard two women’s voices talking quietly, and then Sarah’s unmistakable nervous giggle. He knocked on the door. The women’s voices went silent.

“Come in,” Sarah said.

Slowly, Tim turned the handle and opened the door. The huge tub was filled with enormous white bubbles, barely covering Sarah and the second naked woman, who could have been her twin.

“Tim,” Sarah said, extending a hand towards her husband, “meet Laura.”

“Hi,” Laura said, waving. She flashed a gorgeous smile, and Tim smiled back.

“We’ve just been taking a bath,” Sarah said. She giggled. Laura turned to look at her and laughed too. “And playing with my vibrator,” Sarah said. Laura held up her other hand, buzzing with Sarah’s little red bullet.

Tim laughed too.

“It’s pretty magical,” Laura said. Both girls burst into giggles.

“I brought champagne,” Tim said. He entered the bathroom and shut the door behind him. He held the champagne up for both girls to see.

“Oh, what a good boy you are!” Sarah stood up a little, the wet suds running in rivers down her smooth breasts and into her belly button. She kissed Tim on the cheek.

“I’ll just open this up,” Tim said. “You two, don’t mind me. Keep doing what you were doing.”

Sarah sat back in the tub, while Tim leaned on the sink and started to wrestle with the champagne cork.

“You know,” Laura said, putting her hands back under the water and leaning in towards Sarah. “They say when you open champagne, if you do it correctly, it’s supposed to sound like the sigh of a contented woman.”

Sarah leaned in to Laura, their mouths almost touching. “Is that so?” she asked. She kissed Laura gently. The champagne cork popped off and champagne sprayed into the air. Both girls looked at Tim.

“Sorry,” Tim said. “Really.”

Sarah bit her lip and tsk-tsked her husband. “Don’t get too excited,” she warned. She looked back at Laura, who slid a wet hand behind Sarah’s head and pushed her back into a passionate, wet kiss.

Tim took a swig of champagne, then put the open bottle down on the step that led up to the tub. He started unbuttoning his shirt, more interested in watching the girls kiss than in getting undressed.

Tim noticed that Laura’s other hand was under the water, and he could just barely see between the bubbles that it was between Sarah’s legs. He remembered that she had the bullet vibrator in that hand, and he knew exactly what she was doing. Usually Sarah did it to herself. The thought brought the blood down to his cock as he took off his pants.

Laura and Sarah were kissing heavily now, and Sarah had one hand on one of Laura’s breasts. Tim stood back and put the lid down on the toilet so he could sit and watch. He pulled his cock out of his pants and started to stroke it.

All of a sudden, Sarah threw her head back and gasped. She was rocking through an orgasm, with waves of hot tension shaking her neck and shoulders. Laura seemed impressed by the display, and Tim started stroking his cock even harder.

“Wow,” Laura said once Sarah had stopped convulsing. “That was amazing.”

“Amazing for you,” Sarah said. “How do you think I feel?”

Both girls giggled again. Sarah kissed Laura one more time, then took the vibrator from her.

“Ok, boy,” she said to Tim. “I think we may need you now.”

Tim stood up and took off his shorts. His cock sprang back, huge and throbbing.

“Bring one of our new towels,” Sarah said. “The really soft ones.”

He took one of the white towels out of their linen closet and handed it to Sarah. She folded it in half and laid it on the tile bench at the top of the steps into the tub. Then she took the bottle of champagne and had a drink.

“Laura,” she said, “will you go down on me?” She sat on the towel, her ass right at the edge of the tub, her knees and lower legs in the water.

“Of course,” Laura said, and got on her hand and knees in the tub to comply. She brushed away the bubbles that were between her and Sarah’s pussy.

“And Tim,” Sarah said. She cleared her throat and took another drink from the bottle. “I want you to fuck Laura from behind while she goes down on me.”

“Whatever you say, dear,” Tim said, grinning. He stepped into the tub and got on his knees behind Laura.

Sarah leaned back on her elbows while Laura started licking her gently, like an ice cream cone. Tim pushed himself into Laura’s wet pussy. He let her licking act as gentle thrusting, and watched Sarah as she gasped with each stroke of Laura’s tongue.

Tim could feel his balls slapping against Laura as she started to suck on Sarah’s clit.

“Go in circles on it,” Tim said. “She really likes that.”

Sarah looked at him and bit her lip as Laura took his advice. Both girls moaned and Tim couldn’t help but thrust into Laura harder.

He watched Sarah’s face contort as Laura’s licking got faster and faster. He thrusted harder and deeper as well, watching his wife prepare for another orgasm. Laura let Tim’s thrusting guide her tongue, and with one hand reached back to stroke her own clit.

Suddenly, Sarah gasped again and Tim watched her clench up as she came. Laura gasped at the same time, her finger rubbing her clit hard and fast. Suddenly she came, too, clenching on Tim’s dick with her pussy and grabbing Sarah’s ass with her hands.

The sensation was too much. Tim felt a rush of electricity, and pulled himself out of Laura’s clenching snatch to come on her back. He shot a hot stream across her smooth back and her ass crack.

The three of them collapsed, gasping, where they were. The bubbles were disappearing, but the water was still warm.

Slowly, Sarah crawled back into the tub under Tim’s arm. Laura reached over and took the champagne. They drank the bottle together, laughing, Tim’s arm around each girl.

“Happy anniversary,” Tim said.

“Happy anniversary,” Sarah said.

“Same time next year?” Laura asked.

They all laughed.

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    Mr & Miss 2 years ago

    This was very exciting to read. Also, very well written. 🙂

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